Who is Fiona Harper?

Hi, I’m Fiona Harper: travel writer, travel photographer, content creator, social media manager, digital travel editor, blogger, sailor, marathoner, wannabe triathlete and gadget geek.

Essentially, I'm a communicator and storyteller.

Fiona Harper travel writer and photographer

About Fiona Harper

I’m the Managing editor and publisher at Travel Boating Lifestyle and the creative brain behind MiTribe Media and MiTribe online store

I’ve written two books – Boating Guides to Queensland and New South Wales – and am currently working on my third.


I’m co-developing a new women’s travel portal to be known as HER.holiday and launching in  2022.


There’s more but we’ll leave it at that for now. Unless there’s cocktails involved. In that case pull up a pew and you’ll get the full story. But for now, this snapshot will suffice.


  • Content Creation
  • Reviews: Product, hotel, tour & gear
  • Photography
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Brand ambassador
  • Competitions & giveaways
  • Social & digital media management
  • Sponsored articles & blog posts
  • Copywriting
  • Press trips & editorial articles



Boating Guide to NSW 450

Boating Guide to NSW

by Fiona Harper

Published by New Holland Publisher

In the Boating Guide to NSW – short stays & long weekends you’ll find inspiration, ideas and planning tips for your next NSW boating adventure. The guide is organised into six themed sections: short breaks, coastal hopping, marinas and harbours, islands, nature getaways and gourmet getaways.


Whether you plan to voyage along the entire NSW coast or simply cruise to a nearby bay for lunch at a waterfront restaurant, the Boating Guide to NSW will help you plan your next boating getaway.



Boating Guide to Queensland – Short stays & long weekends


Boating Guide to Victoria – Short stays & long weekends


With 16+ years experience, my travel articles and images have been published in print and digital publications around the globe.

Additionally, I work with clients on copywriting and native content projects in the tourism, travel and marine industries.

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About Fiona Harper

Hi, I’m Fiona Harper: travel writer, travel photographer, content creator, social media manager, digital travel editor, blogger, sailor, marathoner, wannabe triathlete and gadget geek.


Under the banner of MiTribe Media I provide services in writing, photography and digital media management.

Fiona is the author of the Boating Guide to NSW – short stays and weekend getaways. Published by New Holland, the book is the first in a series of three boating books, with the second and third editions released in 2022.


Fiona manages the highly respected  Travel Boating Lifestyle website and is the creative brain behind MiTribe Media and MiTribe.shop. Fiona takes on contract work providing words, images or digital media management, specialising in tourism and marine industries.


Fiona was the Digital editor at Travel Play Live – the Australian women’s travel, adventure and lifestyle magazine before it was paused due to the COVID pandemic. She is the digital editor at Out & About with Kids .


There’s more but we’ll leave it at that for now. Unless there’s cocktails involved. In that case pull up a pew and you’ll get the full story. But for now, this snapshot will suffice.


Jokes aside, Fiona Harper is one of Australia’s most respected and best travel writers with a Google page #1 ranking for ‘best Australian travel writers‘.

I trust that you’ve landed on these fine pages anticipating titillation. Of the travel kind. If you’re looking for less salubrious titillation, it’s best we end this relationship right now. As Jack Nicholson said so succinctly “…go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”


Seriously, this website (which is my ‘serious’ B2B site) as well as MiTribe Media and the digital travel magazine Travel Boating Lifestyle (and the Australian Marinas Guide which was retired in 2019) are my  digital babies.

MiTribe.shop is where I showcase some of the images I’ve captured from a career that has taken me around the globe.

The purpose of this site is to entice publishers, editors, marketers, PR and business people to engage my services. Being a freelance travel writer, photographer and digital media manager is a challenging path to earning a living.


No, really it is! While I may spend an inordinate amount of time swishing through gilded doors of the latest uber luxe hotel, I  expend equal energy lurking suspiciously around the poverty line. Cue violins playing ‘my heart bleeds for you…’ and break out the tissues.

Fiona Harper is a freelancer available for hire

That’s where you come in. I’m available for hire. You might engage me to do any or all of the following. Or perhaps you have some ideas of your own for mutual collaboration:

  • Editorial commissions – write travel editorial copy for newspapers, magazines & websites
  • Web & digital editor – curate, edit & write blog posts, news or creative articles to entice readers to continue visiting your website;  commission contributing writers; liaise with advertisers
  • Brand Ambassador – I may represent your brand as an Ambassador, as I’ve done with many global brands such as this Dometic global social media campaign, fashion brand West Indies Wear, and leading drone producer DJI Global
  • Social media manager – monitor, curate & manage social media posts & comments as the ‘voice’ of your brand
  • Web content – manage, update or fine tune website content in line with SEO best practice
  • Communications manager – manage website & social media content along with press/media relations
  • Copywriter – write brochure or website copy
  • Press trip – invite me on a press trip to road test your destination or product for me to secure editorial assignments in appropriate print and digital publications

Commission Fiona Harper for editorial assignments

“Sorry Conde Nast Traveller, I’d love to take that coveted cover assignment to the Maldives but I’m kinda busy tweaking my own website this week.” Said no freelance writer ever.


If on the other hand you are in fact the Editor of Conde Nast Traveller looking to commission a fabulous assignment, well, I’d be delighted to talk Turkey. Or Greece. The Maldives perhaps. HELLOOOOO! 


Actually, who am I kidding, assignments from all travel and boating media outlets are welcome. That high moral ground I once stood upon eroded beneath my feet long ago, forever threatened by an equally distasteful poverty line.


Alternatively, if you haven’t had quite enough of me yet (thank you for reading this far) you could peruse these pages marveling at my Portfolio of published clips or check  out Instagram and Facebook feeds which are filled with envy-inducing images taken while on assignment.


Or, you could shut down your computer, seize life by the short and curlies and go live the life YOU dream about.


What are you waiting for? If you’re hanging around waiting for my advice, it’s this: love much, live well and travel often. Be kind and play nice. Embrace life with all the passion you can muster. The only certainty is that one day it will all be over. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to wallow on my deathbed full of regret for the things I didn’t do. The stories I didn’t write. The places I postponed visiting. The people (and dogs) I didn’t love. No, life is for living and I’m giving it my very best shot.


But hang on! Before you disappear over the horizon inspired by my stories, please Send me an Email to commission me for that alluring travel writing assignment. While you go sailing off over the horizon I’m still a travel writer, photographer and digital media manager for hire!


Fiona x


MiTribe.shop is the creative outlet for Fiona Harper’s images captured fromt travels around the globe.

Fiona’s images are printed onto custom-designed leggings, activewear, shoes and homewares with unique designs not available anywhere else.

Additionally. Fiona creates customised designs for corporate gifts or giveaway for business operators and sporting clubs.


Each product is crafted with heart along with a desire for creating something unique and individual. These designs capture elements of destinations around the world which inspired creativity.


Product notes include the inspiration behind each individual design. We don’t sell the cheapest leggings. What we sell is individual, bespoke products that you can’t buy anywhere else. I hope you’ll agree it’s worth paying for a unique custom-designed piece that stands out from the crowd.

By supporting a creative artist you are helping to make the world a more beautiful place for us all to play in.


Travel Boating Lifestyle, twice a finalist in the Australian Society of Travel Writers’ Awards for Excellence, an online magazine to inspire and an influential travel website where I write and publish the stories that I really want to write. The ones told with personality, soul and passion. The one’s that don’t make it into conventional media because they’re too quirky, off-beat or simply good fun!


Maybe they’re just a little bit off the wall or perhaps they’re not ‘commercial’ enough to entice advertiser support. Pop over to Travel Boating Lifestyle and have a look. But before you do, slip into something comfortable (or strap on something sharp and pointy, whatever floats your boat, I don’t care), pour yourself a sassy drink, top it with an umbrella then enjoy some fun travel adventures on Travel Boating Lifestyle.